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Asghar leghari v. federation of pakistan

An appellate court in Pakistan granted the claims of Ashgar Leghari, a Pakistani farmer, who had sued the national government for failure to carry out the National Climate Change Policy of and the Framework for Implementation of Climate Change Policy On September 4, the court, citing domestic and international legal principles, determined that "the delay and lethargy of the State in implementing the Framework offend the fundamental rights of the citizens.

On September 14 the court issued a supplemental decision naming 21 individuals to the Commission and vesting it with various powers. Litigation U. Litigation Home U. Litigation Non-U. At Issue: Farmer challenged government for failure to carry out core provisions of law. This website uses cookies as well as similar tools and technologies to understand visitors' experiences. By continuing to use this website, you consent to Columbia University's usage of cookies and similar technologies, in accordance with the Columbia University Website Cookie Notice.Ashgar Leghari v.

Federation of Pakistan W.


For Pakistan, these climatic variations have primarily resulted in heavy floods and droughts, raising serious concerns regarding water and food security.

On a legal and constitutional plane this is clarion call for the protection of fundamental rights of the citizens of Pakistan, in particular, the vulnerable and weak segments of the society who are unable to approach this Court. Finding that federal and provincial officials had done little to implement adaptation measures to cope with changing climatic patterns, which threaten food, water, and energy security, the Green Bench directed responsible ministries and departments to: appoint a focal person on climate change to appear before the Green Bench, and prepare a list of adaption measures to be completed by the end of The Green Bench also established a Climate Change Commission to help the Court monitor progress and achieve compliance with guidelines.

See Para. The country experienced devastating floods during the last three years. The Green Bench retained jurisdiction continuing mandamus to hear reports from representatives concerning their progress.

Skip to main content. Federation of Pakistan. File Attachments:. Climate Change Order 4 September Climate Change Order 14 September Date of the Resource:.In his September 14 judgement Shah ordered the establishment of a national Climate Change Commission with named members with a clear remit to ensure effective implementation, along with a number of other practical institutional measures. Using public interest litigation PILLeghari who relies on agriculture for a living, charged the government and relevant authorities with failing him as a citizen.

And he highlighted the many serious threats to Pakistan as a consequence of climate change — in particular water security and food security as being the most immediate.

Shah also faulted the government for ignoring its own timetable for implementing priority actions, and making no effort to develop adaptive capacity and resilience to climate change. The country experienced devastating floods during the last three years.

asghar leghari v. federation of pakistan

These changes come with far reaching consequences and real economic costs. In what must count as a miracle of judicial efficiency this happened within one week of the judge having heard the case. The Commission is now due to meet on October 1 and tasked with coming up with implementation targets by December. Report: Pakistan flood and drought fears dominate climate plan.

Using a human rights-centric approach invoking fundamental rights and constitutional duties, the judge had enforced within a month what others, including civil society and legislators, had failed to do for years.

The Leghari decision reveals the under-used power of the courts. Both the Leghari and the Urgenda case brought against the Dutch government were at the centre of discussions in London this week among eminent jurists on emerging climate change jurisprudence and adjudication. The courts can bring remedies and will now increasingly be used to enforce political accountability and ensure climate justice. Litigation need not cost the earth.

Justice can also be swift. They set a model for fast track adjudication of climate change-related issues that are too often dismissed as too complicated for the courts to handle. The Leghari case highlights a simple but fundamental truth — individuals can and do make a difference. The case was brought by one man and judged by one man. Each made history. The case now sets a new high water mark for climate adjudication. As domestic commitments through INDCs national action plans are likely to be a key outcome of Paris, Leghari shows that no government should get a free pass.

Citizens have rights and governments cannot make empty promises. Bottom-up legal accountability through the courts could become a powerful enforcement mechanism. Leghari and Lahore have shown the way. Read more on: Climate politics Featured Pakistan Climate politics. Pakistan ordered to enforce climate law by Lahore court.

Climate Home.The plaintiff filed a public interest action challenging the Federal Government of Pakistan and Regional Government of Punjab for their inaction, delay, and lack of seriousness in addressing climate change.

The Court found that the defendants took no measures to implement their policies. The Court ordered twenty ministries, departments, and authorities to name climate change focal points to work with the Ministry of Climate Change to implement the Framework and assist the Court in the instant petition.

Those institutions were to create a list of achievable adaptation points. Further, the Court ordered the government to create a Climate Change Commission consisting of the aforementioned focal points, NGO representatives, and technical experts, among others. Environmental Legal Questions:. Skip to main content. Federation of Pakistan. Type of document. Date of text. September 4, Data source. Court name.

Seat of court. Justice s. Reference number. Glossary term s. Link to full text. Environmental Legal Questions: Did the government take measures to implement their climate change policies? The defendant submitted that under the Framework there are action points, of which are action points of priority.Ashgar Leghari, a farmer from Pakistan, sued the national government for failure to carry out the National Climate Policy and Framework.

For Pakistan, these climatic variations have primarily resulted in heavy floods and droughts, raising serious concerns regarding water and food security. On a legal and constitutional plane this is clarion call for the protection of fundamental rights of the citizens of Pakistan, in particular, the vulnerable and weak segments of the society who are unable to approach this Court. The court also created a Climate Change Commission with representatives of key ministries, NGOs, and technical experts.

On September 14 the court issued a supplemental decision naming 21 individuals to the Commission and vesting it with various powers. Name required. Mail will not be published required.

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asghar leghari v. federation of pakistan

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Leghari v. Federation of Pakistan

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asghar leghari v. federation of pakistan

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Pakistan ordered to enforce climate law by Lahore court

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